June 23, 2021

Learn why artificial turf in Atlanta is preferable to traditional grass

Turf Solutions for Pets

Owning a dog doesn’t suggest you have to abandon your aspiration of owning a lush, green lawn. You simply require the correct type of lawn. Synthetic turf will solve the usual concerns of almost all K9 behaviors such as:

Brown Marks

Pet piddle has a high nitrogen load and pH level, which can char grass and cause hideous brown marks. By means of synthetic turf, no longer will you have a spotted yard. Artificial grass blades will not become spotted when they come in contact with pet waste either.


Unlike genuine grass with individual filaments growing from the earth, artificial grass has a backing that keeps all the fibers together. This hinders your precious pets from digging in the lawn and wrecking your landscaping.


The innately hypoallergenic and antimicrobial surface of synthetic turf means that fleas, ants, and ticks are not at all hoping to in living in your yard — no pests in the grass or for your pup to carry inside your home.


The completely porous, non-absorbent backing of synthetic grass allows it to drain better and tidier than authentic grass. With that being said, it’s simpler to clean spills and pet waste by merely rinsing the area by means of a garden hose. Because artificial grass is inorganic, it does not demand water to sustain a green, elegant aesthetic throughout the year. It also never needs trimming.


Getting rid of frequent watering and mowing also means your dog will never introduce dirt or lawn clippings from your lawn. Thereby, a low maintenance lawn also leads to an unsullied home.

Why Synthetic As Opposed to Traditional Turf?

Majority of artificial turf is porous and installed over a compressed sub-base. Whenever your pet goes to the bathroom on it, it initially contacts the uppermost layer (fiber and infill). Treated infill and water-resistant fibers resist the permeation of fluid. This allows germs and litter to naturally pass through the grass.

Although permeability of the grass is essential, the turf permeability rate is often not the problem. The subbase is frequently condensed at 90-95 percent and is the constraining aspect of dirt penetration. Therefore it is the most critical consideration. If the base is properly installed, it will facilitate natural permeability.

More Artificial Turf Advantages

Apart from making owning pets simpler, synthetic grass supplies additional benefits to barefooted relatives, too.

Non-toxic & Safe

Our fibers and our infill are manufactured by professionals that forever and are completely safe for dog paws and baby feet.

Reduced Allergies

Say farewell to grass and weed allergens affiliated with natural grass.

Chemical-free maintenance

Guard your pet’s well-being by eliminating the need for lawn harsh chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Cushioned Infill

Cushioned infill makes it safer to run and play without worrying about heavy falls.

Drastically Decreased Bills

Are you paying someone to maintain your lawn? Get rid of expensive maintenance and watering expenses.

Lush & Natural-Looking

Our products are composed of high-quality raw materials and UV-resistant, leaving you with a new look for many years.

Keep It Cool

HydroChill™ technology that delivers the coolest synthetic lawn in the neighborhood.

Want to Say Goodbye To Traditional Grass?

In short, pet turf cannot be installed with a marketing gimmick — that will just trap the scent below the surface and disguise odor concerns. Instead, it is critical to pursue the essentials, take advantage of top-tier water-resistant fibers/coated infills, and contact one of our installation specialists to get the appropriate base for your installation.

Whether you have dogs or children — larger or small — Southwest Greens of Atlanta is guaranteed to be your best source for family and pet-friendly artificial grass. Appealing year in and year out, we’re confident you’ll love the ease that accompanies synthetic turf.

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