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Tennis Court Flooring

Modular, easy-to-assemble court flooring from Southwest Greens in Atlanta, GA makes every tennis court fun and safe for casual and competitive play!

SWG tennis court tile represents the very latest in design technology from the original U.S. manufacturer of modular sports floors, Mateflex. It is specifically engineered with tennis in mind. A SWG tennis court tile surface combines the comfort and resilience of a soft court with the durability and low maintenance of a hard court.

Tennis Court Construction in Atlanta

 SWG tennis court tile consists of interlocking modular tiles made from an all weather blended Polypropylene material. This formulation insures both maximum player comfort and a long service life.

Tennis Court Tile

The tile material must be installed over an existing hard base such as concrete or asphalt. Although a very smooth surface is not necessary, it is important to have as flat a surface as possible. Minor cracks will not adversely affect the playing or visual qualities of the court.



Accurate USTA game line dimensions

Color full thickness. Excellent UV stability


Modular design permits court portability

Medium ball speed. Great for all skill levels


Quick drainage and drying after rains

Easy assembly and access to base for repairs


Narrow gauge ribs for best traction

8 locks per 12" side


Low abrasion on balls and shoes

Court fastened around perimeter. Trim tight to fencing.