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Artificial Grass for Commercial and Residential Applications

Our synthetic grass breathes new life into homes, businesses, parks, and more throughout Atlanta!

Synthetic lawns address more than just the issue of having a perfect looking lawn year-round. They also address the issues of water shortages and concerns over lawn fertilizers and chemicals and emissions from gas-powered lawn mowers. In short they are environmentally prudent, a big reason why homeowners, businesses, and city governments are choosing artificial grass installations.

Synthetic Lawns

Southwest Greens of Atlanta is a proud distributor of EnvyLawn, the finest synthetic grass on the market. When you install EnvyLawn you'll be through with watering, mowing, fertilizing, and all the other chores necessary to keep your lawn in tip top shape. Enjoy a lawn that is kid and pet friendly, 100% recyclable, and perfect looking no matter the weather or time of year.