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Synthetic Grass Installations Soften Ones Environmental Footprint

If you're among those who've considered installing a backyard putting green in your home, the reasons for doing so are no doubt perfectly clear. Outdoor and indoor putting greens provide an opportunity to add to the beauty and value of your home while installing your very own short game practice facility just outside the back door. At Southwest Greens our golf greens and artificial grass lawns bring an added benefit to the year-round look and feel of natural grass; namely the fact that they are both environmentally progressive and prudent.

Our putting greens are made from EnvyLawn, the finest synthetic turf on the market. The installation of artificial turf instantly eliminates the need for mowing, fertilizing, and watering, and the positive effect the elimination of these cores will have on the environment will be equally instantaneous. Skyrocketing summer water bills and water waste will become a thing of the past, while the toxins and chemical emissions emanating from your gas-powered land mower will also be eliminated. The same holds true for fertilizers and pesticides, none of which are needed to keep our synthetic turf green and pristine year-round.

Our artificial turf has the added benefits of being lead free and 100% recyclable. While many synthetic grass manufacturers incorporate lead in order to add color, we would simply never dream of making our customers choose between a great looking lawn and the safety of their children, pets, etc. Our lawns maintain the look and feel of natural grass without lead, and always will.

Years of research and development has also allowed the folks at EnvyLawn to develop a grass that is completely recyclable. In contrast to other products that use urethane secondary backings, our grass allows 100% recycling without the need to separate the grass fibers from the backing. EnvyLawn has the added advantage of being made out of 100% polyolefin, which makes recycling easy while still maintaining optimum performance.

Very few home improvements have the capacity to improve the world we live in simply by virtue of their installation. Improve your short game, add beauty and value to your home, and contribute to a better environment in the process by installing synthetic grass products from Southwest Greens.

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