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Kids And Canines Safe On Synthetic Grass

Georgia golf enthusiasts know us first and foremost for our backyard putting greens and indoor greens.  Increasingly, however, our artificial grass is becoming the choice for families looking for a low maintenance, perfect lawn year-round. Whereas a golf green is most likely to be used by the adults in the family, use of a yard is more closely associated with kids and pets. With that in mind, Southwest Greens of Georgia offers a safe and enjoyable synthetic lawn product that is kid and pet friendly in every way, shape, and form.

Children are obviously a parent's highest priority, and our lead free synthetic grass provides a safe play area for kids of all ages. Not only is our synthetic grass built to withstand the wear and tear child play areas endure, it also provides a safer, more even surface that has been proven to reduce the risk of injury. It's no wonder school districts and daycare centers nationwide have begun to implement our synthetic turf in play areas.

In addition, the absence of dirt or mud due to rain and other climate conditions means that at the end of the day your child will come inside clean. And that's no small feat!

Dogs can reek havoc on a yard in a multitude of ways, all of which our EnvyLawn synthetic grass is design to counteract. Pups who love a good dig are out of luck with a Southwest Greens lawn, meaning a yard free of holes, divots, and bald spots. The same goes for pesky yellow spots due to urine, which cannot bleach synthetic grass. And because our turf is impervious to mother nature and her weather there will never be any dirt or mud for your dog to roll around in before tracking it into the house.

Finally, your dog will be glad to know that ticks, fleas, and other pesky little outdoor visitors are not fans of synthetic grass, meaning your pet's stay outdoors will be a comfortable and insect-free one.

Installing a low maintenance, perfect looking lawn year-round that enhances the lives of your children and pets may seem like a tall order, but at Southwest Greens it's all in a day's work. Learn more about our lead-free, 100% recyclable artificial grass, and how easy it is to make it a part of your home.

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