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Nicklaus Artificial Golf Greens

Bring the same design as professional golf courses to your very own backyard with our Nicklaus synthetic turf golf greens

Jack Nicklaus made a career of mastering the greens that challenged the best golfers in the world. Now, he designs some of the highest rated golf courses in the world and through Southwest Greens partnership with Nicklaus Design, you too can experience exemplary design by accessing the design staff at Nicklaus Design. Our Nicklaus Design product is truly unique and will benefit our customers in numerous ways. Think about the enhanced value of your home with a Nicklaus Design golf complex in the backyard. Think about the reaction of your golf buddies when they hear. Think about the practice sessions on a green designed by the same designers Jack works with on his famous courses. Get the best of both worlds – Nicklaus Design and Southwest Greens expert installation!

NIcklaus Design Golf Green

Prior to joining in partnership with Nicklaus Design in 2003, Southwest Greens had established itself as a leading construction and installation company by installing greens for many of the world’s top PGA tour pros. Now, Southwest Greens has incorporated the knowledge of working with Nicklaus Design to install top-quality greens that rival those on Tour.

There really isn't a better imaginable partnership in this field. Nicklaus Design brings internationally recognized golfing design to the fore. Southwest Greens brings the best in artificial, synthetic turf construction. Together, the result is something special: custom made putting greens unmatched in quality and design.

With Nicklaus Design, you get the best designs in the world. With Southwest Greens, you get the best installation in the world. You can now get both. Call us today to learn more.