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Synthetic Turf Driving Tee Lines

Perfect for driving ranges, our artificial grass for tee lines and boxes are built to endure drive after drive

Natural grass tee lines and tee boxes at practice ranges endure a heavy dose of wear and tear. As a result they can be costly to maintain. In an effort to provide golf courses and ranges with an affordable and superior product Southwest Greens developed Ultimate Tees, tee lines that offer maximum durability and the look, feel, and performance of a natural grass tee.

Golf Courses

Anyone who has ever used the mats and rubber tees prevalent at most practice facilities know they're nothing like the real thing, which makes it hard to properly work on your game. In contrast, the tee lines you'll find at Southwest Greens of Atlanta allow you to place regular golf tees directly into the hitting surface for a better shot every time.

Our Ultimate Tees have been employed by many of the world's elite golf facilities. We invite you to incorporate them into yours.