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Synthetic Grass & Turf for Bocce Ball Courts

We build strong, durable regulation and custom bocce ball courts with artificial turf in Atlanta, GA!

Bocce ball is a common sport at many family and social backyard gatherings. Typically bocce is played with four bocce balls to a team and a small object ball known as a jack. One side throws the jack, then teams take turns trying to roll closest to it. Whichever team’s balls are closest receives points. If you have played on traditional sod lawns or sand pits, then you have no doubt been plagued by an unlucky roll away from the jack. Those days of bad luck can rest behind you as you play on a regulation bocce ball court built by Southwest Greens in Atlanta, GA. Our artificial turf courts provide true ball rolls and natural reactions every time you roll. Let your skill decide the results as you play with family and friends!

Bocce Ball Courts

A regulation bocce court typically runs a length of 60 feet and a width of 12 feet. While they can be made with a variety of surfaces, artificial grass is ideal. A grass-like surface offers the following benefits:

  • A true roll every time
  • Softer surface, preventing damage and wear
  • Less maintenance than clay or dirt (raking, smoothing, etc.)
  • Increased property value

It’s clear that using artificial turf for bocce ball courts provides the same benefits that traditional sod offers without the heavy maintenance. You no longer need to mow and trim the grass, which means you and your family can enjoy more time playing bocce ball!

You can count on Southwest Greens of Atlanta to get you started on your own custom or regulation-sized backyard bocce courts. Our trusted professionals will work with you to build your outdoor athletic space with finest, durable and long-lasting artificial grass on the market. We continue to be an industry leader, always ensuring the highest quality installation. To get started on your own residential or commercial bocce court, contact us today for a free quote!